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Short Term Loan for Students

We do not encourage students to take cheap short term loans – on this page, we will list a few alternatives students can take to try and raise money instead of taking a short term loan for students.

In most people’s lives there comes a time when they need immediate access to money or cash. It is often difficult to find the right person or institution to borrow from, since there may be several issues to be considered. This is true, too, for the student that wants to borrow a certain amount – even when a short-term loan for students is required.


In essence the short-term loan for students does not differ from other types of short-term loans. It is, typically, a loan that is granted on the understanding that it will be paid back, including all interest, within a certain period that the lender decides upon after having studied the profile of the student that has applied for the short-term loan for students.


To receive a good education is not cheap. Students often need an additional source of cash to supplement whatever monies they may have available from long-term student loans and other sources of financing while they are at university, college or other learning facility. There are issues that often need to be addressed immediately such as:

  • Housing/Accommodation. Not all students have accommodation on campus as part of a greater loan arrangement; therefore paying rent separately may become an issue for which the short-term loan for students is the answer.
  • Food and other living expenses. Those that do not eat on campus as part of their arrangement, often club together with mates, or they buy their food to provide in their own needs. Whatever one’s needs, a short-term loan for students is often the answer to provide for food and other living expenses.
  • This area often needs looking at, especially if you travel off campus, for example to see your family, parents and friends.
  • Any student needs to take a break at times to see their friends, or to go on a short trip somewhere. They may not have budgeted for this. Therefore a short-term loan for students may well be the answer.


If you are not absolutely sure that you can repay in full, and always on time, the short-term loan for students that you want to take out, then be careful.

You do not want to default. Anyone that defaults on their agreement with a lender runs various risks such as being listed for bad credit, and even ending up with a CCJ. Do not be tempted to borrow more than you actually need, as this can hurt you in the long run.

Also try and time your repayment to coincide with your next allowance or bursary contribution. Remember that short-term loans for students are expensive because of the much higher than normal interest rates that apply.  


Make sure you understand your obligations with regard to paying back any amount you borrow in terms of your short-term loan for students. Budget properly and be sure you know how much you need. Apply for that amount – not for more. Try and negotiate a repayment plan that will make it feasible for you. If you can, arrange a plan that allows you to pay back the loan as quickly as possible as that will help you save on interest, which can be high.

Be aware, too, that lenders look more positively upon borrowers that can prove they are able to repay them, whether this is money from a source such as their parents, or from a regular income stream such as a bursary.


As is the case with all applications for a loan, the individual’s circumstances are considered by the lender whether or not to grant the loan, also the short-term loan for students. Among the main criteria would be affordability, in other words: can the student repay their loan within the stipulated time period, and not default?

Students may find it more difficult to repay their loan, since most students are not employed while they are studying and will therefore have no steady stream of income. This may put them at a disadvantage since any lender such as a bank or other financial institution may look at a loan for students with more reservations than they would for many other borrowers. However, if the application is supported by evidence that the student will indeed be able to repay any loan on time, they may well qualify.


Any student that applies for a short-term loan must provide the lender or broker they are dealing with, with some important information so that a decision can be made. With sufficient information to their disposal, the lender may be able to make an instant decision, and the money can be transferred immediately. The most important requirements for a short-term student loan would include that the student is 18 years or older, that the student has a UK bank account and that the student lives in the UK and can prove that they will be able to service the debt.


This will vary from lender to lender. Some are willing to offer as little as £100 per loan, and going up to amounts of £3 000, and some even to £5 000. This depends on the lender and the input of brokers you may be dealing with.


This depends on the lender/broker you approach. Some of them are really fast and, depending on the profile of the borrower, loans could be available on the same day that one applies.


As is the case with all short-term loans, the loan has to be repaid within a certain period, normally between 1 and 36 months, depending on the loan amount and the circumstances of the student that took out the short-term loan for students. Certain lenders may be more flexible than others in this regard. Therefore the borrower should try and negotiate a repayment plan and period that they can afford.


The person that takes out a short-term student loan will indeed improve their credit ratings if they repay their loan on time, as per the agreement they enter into with the lender. The opposite is also true. If you do not repay the loan, or miss a payment, or pay late, your credit rating will be negatively affected.


Taking out a short-term loan for students should not be taken lightly and should be one’s last resort. Therefore students would do well to consider the different options open to them to raise the money they need, rather than borrowing it. For example, try and get a part-time job as waiter/waitress to supplement your income or bursary. Millions of students all over the world do this. Or offer your services over weekends for childminding, even office work, clerical assistance and more.

You may also want to consider certain measures to help you cut costs or reduce spending, for example to hold back somewhat on your social spending and to be more aware of how much exactly you spend on what. If you really have to borrow money, first approach a family member or friend. As a last resort, consider the short-term loan for students. If this is the route you decide to follow, then just make sure you honour all agreements.

Short term loan for students

FAQs on short term loans for Students

This is just a short-term loan if you are a student. The rates don’t change for students.

There are many other options you could take before taking a short term loan out.

  1. Look at getting a job – Students usually need to get another job on top of their student loans to help pay for the cost of living. If you are struggling and already have a job, maybe look at getting a couple of extra shifts.
  2. Parents – Hopefully, if your parents can afford it, they might borrow you the money (hopefully better rates than a short term loan APR)
  3. Sell items you don’t need anymore – The most popular, try selling unused clothes or items that you don’t use anymore. Places like ebay and Facebook might it a lot easier to sell unwanted items.

If you would like some more ideas on how to raise money instead of taking a short term loan out please click here.

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