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Short Term Loan Bad Credit

Many people from all walks of life experience cash flow issues from time to time. They may need quick access to cash immediately to pay off a loan, to get together a big enough deposit on a purchase or to ensure their child can go on that special overseas trip with their mates. The reasons for needing quick cash will differ from one person to the next. Taking out a loan, to be paid back over a stipulated, short period of time is often the answer. But many people that need such a short-term loan have bad credit to their name. This means many financial institutions and lenders will disqualify them. Their last hope, often, is the short-term bad credit loan.


This is the type of short term loan extended to people with no, or very limited, or bad credit ratings. This type of loan will consider those clients that may have, in the past, defaulted on loan repayments, and now their last hope is to be viewed positively by a lender that will extend a bad credit short term loan to them, even if they are considered by certain lenders to fall into a category of customers that are looked upon as risky.


The loan length is normally a period stipulated between 1 and 36 months, which typically makes it a short-term loan extended to a person with a bad credit score. The rates at which the customer repays the lender also varies and could be anywhere between 43.1% APR to 1333% APR, for example. That will depend on various factors and considerations, and customers are individually assessed for the short-term bad credit loan they are applying for. These loans are often referred to as the payday loan, with the understanding that the borrower repays such when they receive their next salary. But this term was used more often in the past when the short-term bad credit loan industry was not as sophisticated as it is today. Now these bad credited loans are extended over much longer periods of up to 36 months per loan, and also in terms of much bigger amounts than in the past. Now these loans typically start at £100 going up to £5 000.

This type of loan will typically be offered and granted with higher interest rates than other loans, and there is often a shorter time limit than on many other loans. But even if interest rates on bad credit short term loans are higher, customers are protected by law since the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK regulates the behaviour of lenders and brokers or intermediaries since they have set a limit on what customers can be charged when they enter into agreements with lenders about the short-term bad credit loans they take out.

Trusted and reliable brokers and lenders meet all compliances in this regard, and they will always make sure that they meet all the requirements that protect their customers under such regulations. Many people have a bad credit rating; therefore the person that applies for a short-term bad credit loan can take heart and be assured that they are not alone, and that there is no shame in asking for the bad credit loan they are applying for.


There are many reasons that may cause an individual or entity to be considered as one with a bad credit history. It happens because certain bills remain unpaid, or you may have fallen behind and become a slow payer, or because you may be seen as an erratic payer. None of these circumstances will necessarily disqualify you form applying and be granted a short-term loan for bad credit purposes.

 Anyone with bad credit can apply for a short-term loan, even with a bad credit rating score. It is true that not all lenders or lending services view everybody as the same or use the same criteria when they consider individual borrowers. Good lenders will always study every customer’s profile, and even if one lender may not extend you the short-term bad credit loan you are hoping for, another may very well view your profile and circumstances more positively and lend you the money. So, even if you have a low credit score because of issues such as late payments, defaulting on payments, judgements and even bankruptcy, do not be deterred or discouraged.


The customer, obviously, has responsibilities too if they hope to receive a short-term loan for bad credit or if they hope to, in future, qualify for different forms of financing again. Be sure to know you can handle the repayments and that you will be in a position to repay all instalments and amounts punctually. You do not want to make matters worse for yourself in future. The lenders and credit brokers have their own responsibilities, such as working within the rules and regulations of and meeting compliances under the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to ensure a positive outcome for all.

Customers can also look at ways to help them improve their credit score when they want to apply for a bad credit loan, such as making sure they have paid off all outstanding loans on which they had a default rating. It is also a good idea to own, for example, a car or property. This will help to improve your credit rating with lenders and the brokers that introduce you to them; however, do not be discouraged to apply if you own no movable or immovable property. With minimum requirements such as having a job and bank account in the UK, you may still qualify for a bad credit loan.


Good credit brokers are connected to reputable lenders that will make loans available to customers with a bad credit history, customers that may well qualify for short term bad credit loans. These brokers will present the customer’s case to different lenders who will study the customer’s profile and make a decision as to whether they feel the customer qualifies. They will take into consideration all applicable information and, if the customer is successful, offer them a deal whereby the loan must be repaid on or before a stipulated date. This offer is made after the broker has contacted different lenders and compared their interest rates and applicable terms. They will then revert back to the customer and offer them the best deal, which the customer may accept or refuse.


No-one wants to make matters worse, also when they apply for a short-term bad credit loan. Therefore anyone that applies, should be mindful of the following points: The interest rates will be higher than on other loans, which makes sense since customers get these loans often as unsecured loans, and because customers often have a bad credit record, the lender needs to protect their own interests in case customers default. Also, customers that take these loans should always be aware of risks to themselves, such as being listed as risky clients for any form of future financial assistance if they default in any way on their short-term bad credit loan.

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FAQs on short term loans for Bad Credit

No, unfortunately, no lender can guarantee you a loan. Many factors are involved which will affect you getting a bad credit short term loan.

Not repaying your loan bad could damage your credit score even further. This could impact your chances of getting accepted for a loan even further. Please read this article for more information.

If you can’t get accepted for a loan, we recommend you seek financial advice. We understand it can be an extremely stressful situation to be in. Here our some debt charities that you can reach out to that can offer some free advice.

StepChange – Step change are one of the free debt charities in the UK.

No, we are a free credit broker, using our services is 100% completely free For more information regarding short term loans direct lender please see our page.