Swiftmoney Short Term Loans review

Swiftmoney is a broker, they are not direct lenders. Therefore they do not provide financial services to customers directly, they work through lenders. Twenty UK Short-term loan providers use this service. Swiftmoney makes it easy for people in need of cash in a hurry with an easy online application form, which is then sent to lenders to find the right deal based on your particular financial needs.


Swiftmoney saves you time when it comes to finding a payday loan that works for you, but they come with a high interest rate. They offer loans of up to £3,500 with their loan terms ranging from one to twenty four months with a soft eligibility check.

They are FCA registered and regulated and the final amount payable is based on the amount borrowed, along with the repayment period. The longer you take to repay the loan, the more interest is payable. Their loans have a maximum APR of 1575%, along with upfront and ongoing fees.

An example of costs when using Swiftmoney is taking out a loan of £500 for six months, payable in monthly repayments at an interest rate of 65% per annum and an APR of 91%, which is just below the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) allowance of 100%. This means the total cost of the loan will be £660.27.


Swiftmoney has eligibility requirements in place for approval, which includes being a UK resident over the age of eighteen. You must have a regular income, debit card and valid UK bank account. Any missed payments will incur a late payment charge and can impact your credit profile.

They provide an easy online application form, which can take less than five minutes to complete. Once completed, your loan application is forwarded to twenty providers and if accepted, you will be redirected to the lenders website. From here you are sent a loan agreement to sign. The majority of the lenders used by Swiftmoney offer same day payouts and the money can be in your UK bank account within a few hours.

They are authorised and regulated by the FCA and they can find a loan match within minutes.

Contact Details for Swiftmoney

Date of incorporation: 4 March 2011

Company number: 07552504

Company type: Private Limited Company

Registered company address: 5-7 New Road, Radcliffe, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M26 1LS

Official site: https://swiftmoney.com/instant-short-term-loans.php

Operating hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 8pm, Saturday – 9am to 8pm, Sunday – 10am to 5pm

Phone number: 0800 567 7444


Swiftmoney speeds up the application process when it comes to securing a loan in the United Kingdom, taking less than one day to get a small loan approved and paid into your bank account. There is no arrangement or set up fees to worry about and they do accommodate applications from those with a poor credit rating.

It is important to note when using Swiftmoney that you will be charged a high interest rate and you will have a number of credit checks done on you, which can impact your credit score.

They do offer quick loan funding with an easy online application that takes less than five minutes to complete with simple eligibility requirements, but they do have risks, the same as any other payday lender.

While it is possible to secure a better rate with Swiftmoney than with some of the other payday loan and short term loan providers, you will still pay a lot in interest on the original amount borrowed. The loans they provide are suitable for emergency funding, such as urgent repairs to your car or you need urgent home repairs that you don’t have the cash for right now.