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Rates from 12.9% APR to 1721% APR. The minimum Loan Term is 3 months. The maximum Loan Term is 36 months. 
Representative Example: £1,000 borrowed for 18 months. Repayment of 17 Months at £87.22 and final repayment of £87.70 The total amount repayable is £1570.44. Interest amounts to £570.44, an annual interest rate of 59.97% (fixed). Representative APR: 79.5% (variable).
*Subject to application being approved by the lender. Not all lenders are able to provide up to £5000.
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Loans near me

Searching for “loans near me”? One of the easiest ways to apply for an online short term loan UK these days is online. Many lenders now offer the opportunity of completing a quick five-minute application form and providing you with an answer within minutes.

All lenders in the UK must adhere to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines, which is responsible lending that protects both you and the lender. The lenders have processes and controls in place to ensure that their customers do not borrow more than they can afford.

Fast loans near me

When you apply for a loan online, you want a fast decision and you want the money in your bank as quickly as possible. Most of the lenders you come across online offer fast credit, they transfer the money into your account the same day you sign the contract or the next day. They will also carry out any relevant checks on your application before releasing the funds.

Transparent services

Most of the online lenders will offer a transparent service, so what you see is what you pay. They ensure that they provide you with a full breakdown of APR and interest, so you can identify exactly how much the loan will cost you. They take your affordability and creditworthiness into consideration, taking your application into consideration and they do not only rely on your credit rating.

This means that applying for a loan near me can be done with good or bad credit, as long as you can prove you can repay the loan in a timely manner. The loan cost is calculated and advised to you upfront, so you can see what to expect and how much it will cost in the long run. This way you also have the option to ensure you can make the repayments without digging yourself deeper into debt.

Flexible solutions

The online lenders in the UK offer you flexibility when looking for loans near me. They give you the opportunity to choose the amount you need to borrow and how long you want to take to repay the loan. Based on your affordability checks, they may recommend you take the loan for longer, so you can spread the cost a little further, making it more affordable to your budget.

Assistance and Support

Most people will find themselves in some form of financial struggle at some point in their lives. The UK lenders are able to understand that your financial circumstances can change and this may affect how you manage your bills or repay your loan. As regulated lenders they can work with you to help you make repayments you can afford.

Some are able to provide a payment plan that enables you to make payments you can afford during your difficult time to ensure you repay the loan without it making a negative impact on your credit. Others will hold off on their late payment fees, ensuring that you don’t pay more than you have to.

Of course, while there are times where you have no control on what happens financially, maybe you or your partner loses their job unexpectedly, you will want to ensure that you can afford a loan before taking it out. It’s always best to be sure rather than sorry in the long run.

How are loans assessed?

When you are applying online for a loan near me, you may be wondering what the lenders will take into consideration in order to approve you for the amount you need. UK lenders have a due diligence to carry out affordability and creditworthiness checks. They have their own screening processes in place to assess each application.

In some cases they will conduct a soft credit check, which does not impact your credit rating, but some will use a credit reference agency if necessary. This is to ensure that you are able to make repayments as part of their decision process. They take your financial situation into consideration to ensure that they are working in your best interests.

How long does it take to get a decision on loans near me?

The majority of loans near me offered online offer a fast decision. The application form should take no more than five minutes to complete on your laptop or mobile device. As soon as you submit your application, the lender runs the necessary affordability and credit checks and send you an answer within minutes.

In some cases, they may need further information, in which someone from the lender will contact you to get the information that they need.

How much can I borrow with short term loans?

Short term loans are designed as just that, short term. They are smaller loans which are repaid within a year. Most lenders in the UK will offer you a loan up to £1,500. It is recommended that while the lenders all have their own maximum loan amounts, you should always only borrow what you need and can afford.

The short term loan is not suitable for repeated use and is not to be used as a long term financial product.

Will a loan near me carry out a credit check?

Any lender that is committed to the FCA will carry out a credit check. These lenders follow the guidelines of the FCA and meet responsible lending practices. As such they will do a soft search at the beginning of the application process to ensure that you can proceed. This does not show up on your credit file.

Once you reach pre-approval stage, the lender will often carry out a hard search using a credit reference agency, which is an important part of their decision making process. A credit search is important to ensure that you avoid unnecessary financial problems by borrowing more than you can afford.

Do loans near me only accept good credit scores?

Having a good credit score makes the application process for loans near me easier. But it is not always necessary when applying for a short term loan. Lenders are more focused on ensuring that you are able to repay the loan now and they understand that you may have made some financial mistakes in the past.

You will need to show that your financial difficulties are in the past and you can afford the loan you have applied for. If you have recent CCJ’s or have recently filed for bankruptcy, then you may find it harder to secure a loan near me.

Important considerations before applying for a loan near me

When it comes to applying for a loan, it should be something that you have put a lot of thought into. In order to reduce the risk of putting yourself deep in debt, there are some things to take into consideration.

Before you apply you should have an idea on how much you need and what it will cost to repay. Find out what the interest is and what the monthly instalments will be. This can help you include this amount into your monthly budget, ensuring you do not default on payment.

Most of the time when you apply for a loan near me online, you are in an emergency situation, your car has broken down or you have been faced with another unexpected expense. You should still take a few minutes to figure out how you intend repaying the loan and ensuring it is sustainable for you.